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How I feel about my learning this week!

This is all the things I have learnt this week and some things I might have to improve on!

LITERACY-In literacy we have been learning different ways of text writing and actually did an experement then write a paragraph about it. We were learning about science and writing at the same time and I’m sure every student had a fun time because it was different and interesting. After that session I learnt a better way of setting out my work. Maybe the things I can improve on is that I could make my hand writing even neater and just putting a little more effort in that. 
MATHS-In  maths latly we have been working on division and I think I have seen my weekness in division. But now I feel even more comfortble with getting those sums. I feel like I have been working harder and that has improved with on my work. I hope we work on percentages next because I think  that is m biggest weakness but my teacher has explained some to me and I have a bit of an idea. I feel stronger at maths and that it could be me best subject.
BIG IDEA-This week we have bee looking at wiered science and we had to prepared an experiment and show it to the 1/2s. Mine was static electricity, what happens is you brush your hair and your electrons will connect to the comb. Next put the comb over the little bits of tissue and it will connect to each other. It didn’t work propaly when when I showed the 1/2s but that’s alright because I told them what was supposed to happen and just telling them about it they were amazed.

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My avatar!

This is an avatar i have created on build your wild self!

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A perfect family meal!

Home made Pizzas are the best, if you haven’t tried them go and make them with my quick and easy recipe!

Ingredients and their costs

-Pita bread $3.50 a packet of eight

-Tomato paste $1

-Cheese $2 for a packet

-bacon $2

-Eggs $3 for a dozen

-Pineapple $1

-Cut up ham $2


Cut up the ham and the bacon, put them in the bowl together. Heat the oven at fan forced at 180 degrees C, then grab the pita bread and lay it on the bench. Put the tomato paste on the pita bread then add the bacon, ham and egg on the top. Then sprinkle the cheese on all of it, as well as the pineapple. Put it in the oven for 15min at the most. After that it is ready for you to EAT!


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100 word challenge-school photo’s

I was so tired because I didn’t sleep last night, but the reason I couldn’t get to sleep was because I had school photos. That’s right, is said school photos, this was the moment and I didn’t wont people to laugh at my picture so I had to make my hair perfect. I got mum to do my hair in a braid in my hair and I looked good and I mean real good. I lined up in the line but just as you didn’t wont it to happen it was your turn. I got the picture 4 weeks later, OMG……..

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Glitter Text @ Glitterfy.com

I am finally a year 6 and all of us have the role to take care of the school. I love being a year 6 because I have a great buddy and I am an outreach leader. My buddy is an awsome buddy because she is so funny and playable. She can always come and give you a hug and just seeing her smile makes me smile. Being outreach leader is the best role and what you need to do is if you see someone hurt in the school you need to go and help them. As well you also create funraises and charity events which is also alot of fun and makes you feel god inside. So that is what it is like to be be a leader of the school!

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Rock pools!

Rock pools are a habitat for lots of animals and creatures. Rock pools may look like a couple of rocks and seaweed, but when you have a closer look you will find amazing things.
What is a Rock pool? There so many living things in a rock pool, but some are too small to see. The most common animals are Crabs, Fish, starfishes and much more. But there are not just animals in a rock pool like algae (most common seaweed) and coral.

Appearance A rock pool is stunning when you have a closer look. It looks like dark rocks with holes in it with water over the top of it. There are a lot of types of seaweed but the most common in a rock pool is algae. Algae looks like circles on top of each other joined together.
What creates a rock pool There is rocks everywhere in the sea but when the tide goes out the rock pools show. Then you can see all the beautiful creatures. But when the tide comes in the rock pool are covered by water.
Weatherchanges It all depends the weather, if it is hot the oxygen levels fall and the animals will dry out. If the tide goes too far out there won’t be any water left for the animals unless it rains.
Conclusion I love rock pools because every time you look in one you will find something different. They are amazing to look at but to keep them alive you need to not litter on the beach and to not take the animals out of the rock pools!

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My Eucharist!

It was my Eucharist day and I was so nervous but I don’t know why! I kept trying to filibuster but it didn’t work very well. When I got there I saw all my friends dressed up so pretty and then I saw all my relatives. We went inside and sat down, one by one the priest called everyone’s name to receive their very first bread and wine! I was next….Emma… it didn’t taste too bad! Everyone in church was so excited for us all. Then we had Brunch back at home and everyone handed me presents. Overall it was a fun day!

Sorry do not have picture, wouldn’t upload!

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Photos of surfing

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Sugar Skulls, Paper Flowers; Chasing Light, The Golden Hour
photo credit: Brandon Christopher Warren via photopin cc

Rainbow is beautiful butterflies, flowers and it shimmers in the sky,

rainbow is sprinkles, ice-cream and jellybeans.

Rainbow is a warming heart, a happy smile and very joyful,

rainbow is generosity, good luck and it will make your day.

Rainbow is my favourite colour because it joins all the colours togethers!

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5 card flicker!

Five Card Story: Where is that flower?

a Five Card Flickr story created by Emzy

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by Intrepidteacher

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by katerha

I have finally arrived and I just want to find this very rare flower. Over the hills threw the palm tree’s. But suddenly I found myself in a burt forrest, all the tree’s are black! I see it.. the rare flower, I wonder why such a beautiful flower like that would be here? When I was coming home I felt home sick so I rang my mum to tell her my amazing jounney!

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