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Julie Corletto-Q-Is there some food that you dont like but have to eat for your health?

One Direction-Q-Is there someone that is one of your relitives that was a singer like all of you?

Justin beiber-Q-How has your music changed in the last couple of years ?

Steffenie Gilmore-Q-What was the first surf board you ever surfed on?

Little Mix-Q-do you ever get compared to other singers?

Glee-Q-Are the problems on the TV show come from ant of your experiences?

Taylor Swift-Q-The songs you write is it about any one impreticuler?

Walt Disney-Q-What was the firs character and was it popular?

My Pa-Q-Was it tough growing up in your life because mum hasnt told me a lot about your past?

Student blogging challenge

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