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This weeks reflection

This is my reflection on this week.

This week in maths we had been given a task to work on triangles and go further in our investigations. We had to work with a friend and we completed up to a year seven level. I thought we worked really well together as we could help each other when needed.

In literacy we were given a task to write a draft and to publish it. I was very happy and excited with the story that l wrote and thought it was the best story that l have written ever.

Overall l found that l learnt a lot this week and had lots of fun along the way.

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This is my reflection for the last week! In maths we had just finished doing fractions so we had a mini test. I was proud of what I did and normally I rush when have a test but this one I took my time. When we got our test back that had just been corrected I got all my answers right and I was really happy with that. When we were learning fractions I learnt a lot and realized what we were doing was easy so I tried to challenge myself even more and it worked.

Also in literacy we had our last workshops that the teachers were running. I had Misses Todd’s group and I had discovered that if I work really hard I could get a lot of work done so I am using it as an aim next week.

I think this week I have worked hard and I want to do that all year round now.

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Reflectionon religion!

Reflection on religion!4) RE- Create a new page on your blog and write a reflection on your investigation about the religion. What did you learn? What could you do better next  time?

Just above that was our homework task.

For the last two weeks Kesia and I have been working on a religion called Scientology. Scientology is a very strict religion, as we did our research we can across an interview of a women who is a scientolgist and when she was 4 she only saw her mum and dad twice a week. When she was 12-18 she only saw her parents 4 times overall. I also found out that if you were a scientolgist you were definitely not a loud to share to the public anything about Scientology. What I could of done better I could of done the research earler and added more pictures.

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