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How many Earths??

I did the Footprints challenge for how many Earths would it take for every house to live like I live. The answer I got was 2 Earths. I’m happy I got that answer in a way because I am quite sustainable that means and I want to live in a Earth that is not poluted. But I could change some ways with how I live because I know I could improve with it.

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Reflection for this week!

What I did well…

I used my time well.

Sat next to the right people to get my work done.

I got my homework finished.

I pushed my chair in after I sat in it.

What I could of done better…

Try and stay focussed.

Do some more writting in my work

To be more organized

To put more effort in things.

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What do you think??

This was was the question…
“Is there too much violence in todays Movies, TV shows and computer games and does this have an impact on children?” Please share your opinion with well thought out ideas and facts if possible.

This is my answer, maybe sometimes like if there is swear words they may copy it but I don’t think violence is made with people watching movies. I think violence could be caused from who they hang around with and their past. Computers games could be a problem for example, Minecraft, it has a lot of killing in it and people could do they same.

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Start and Stop poems! Part 2

During my sleep!

During my sleep,
as a nightmare plays
my body comes restless.
My arms shiver and my heart goes cold,
during my sleep!

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Start and stop poems!

Waiting in the cold!

Waiting in the cold,
with my hopes up and my doubts slowly seeping in.
Standing in the fog,
feeling so cold like I’m a statue.
As I hear the the news,
my heart drops as the words whisper in my ear
that a loved one has died as I’m
waiting in the cold.



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