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Challenge number 10

If I had to choose 5 jobs in the world this is what they would be!

Professional Netball player-I would love to be this because I have this big passion for netball and to make it up that high in something I love, it would be like a dream come true.

Aid worker-I would love to help the refugee’s that are struggling for little things in life and to let them be free. I have read books about them and that’s what bought my inspiration towards them.

Sport talent Scout-I would like to do this job to give other people a chance and to make their dreams come true.

Vet-It breaks my heart when I see pets hurt and have always loved animals. To be with them for most of time it would make a smile on my face.

Physio-I find the human body interesting and I would like to learn more about the bones and what’s good for them in sport.

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How I feel about my learning this week!

This is all the things I have learnt this week and some things I might have to improve on!

LITERACY-In literacy we have been learning different ways of text writing and actually did an experement then write a paragraph about it. We were learning about science and writing at the same time and I’m sure every student had a fun time because it was different and interesting. After that session I learnt a better way of setting out my work. Maybe the things I can improve on is that I could make my hand writing even neater and just putting a little more effort in that. 
MATHS-In  maths latly we have been working on division and I think I have seen my weekness in division. But now I feel even more comfortble with getting those sums. I feel like I have been working harder and that has improved with on my work. I hope we work on percentages next because I think  that is m biggest weakness but my teacher has explained some to me and I have a bit of an idea. I feel stronger at maths and that it could be me best subject.
BIG IDEA-This week we have bee looking at wiered science and we had to prepared an experiment and show it to the 1/2s. Mine was static electricity, what happens is you brush your hair and your electrons will connect to the comb. Next put the comb over the little bits of tissue and it will connect to each other. It didn’t work propaly when when I showed the 1/2s but that’s alright because I told them what was supposed to happen and just telling them about it they were amazed.

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