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A perfect family meal!

Home made Pizzas are the best, if you haven’t tried them go and make them with my quick and easy recipe!

Ingredients and their costs

-Pita bread $3.50 a packet of eight

-Tomato paste $1

-Cheese $2 for a packet

-bacon $2

-Eggs $3 for a dozen

-Pineapple $1

-Cut up ham $2


Cut up the ham and the bacon, put them in the bowl together. Heat the oven at fan forced at 180 degrees C, then grab the pita bread and lay it on the bench. Put the tomato paste on the pita bread then add the bacon, ham and egg on the top. Then sprinkle the cheese on all of it, as well as the pineapple. Put it in the oven for 15min at the most. After that it is ready for you to EAT!


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100 word challenge-school photo’s

I was so tired because I didn’t sleep last night, but the reason I couldn’t get to sleep was because I had school photos. That’s right, is said school photos, this was the moment and I didn’t wont people to laugh at my picture so I had to make my hair perfect. I got mum to do my hair in a braid in my hair and I looked good and I mean real good. I lined up in the line but just as you didn’t wont it to happen it was your turn. I got the picture 4 weeks later, OMG……..

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Julie Corletto-Q-Is there some food that you dont like but have to eat for your health?

One Direction-Q-Is there someone that is one of your relitives that was a singer like all of you?

Justin beiber-Q-How has your music changed in the last couple of years ?

Steffenie Gilmore-Q-What was the first surf board you ever surfed on?

Little Mix-Q-do you ever get compared to other singers?

Glee-Q-Are the problems on the TV show come from ant of your experiences?

Taylor Swift-Q-The songs you write is it about any one impreticuler?

Walt Disney-Q-What was the firs character and was it popular?

My Pa-Q-Was it tough growing up in your life because mum hasnt told me a lot about your past?

Student blogging challenge

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