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Rock pools!

Rock pools are a habitat for lots of animals and creatures. Rock pools may look like a couple of rocks and seaweed, but when you have a closer look you will find amazing things.
What is a Rock pool? There so many living things in a rock pool, but some are too small to see. The most common animals are Crabs, Fish, starfishes and much more. But there are not just animals in a rock pool like algae (most common seaweed) and coral.

Appearance A rock pool is stunning when you have a closer look. It looks like dark rocks with holes in it with water over the top of it. There are a lot of types of seaweed but the most common in a rock pool is algae. Algae looks like circles on top of each other joined together.
What creates a rock pool There is rocks everywhere in the sea but when the tide goes out the rock pools show. Then you can see all the beautiful creatures. But when the tide comes in the rock pool are covered by water.
Weatherchanges It all depends the weather, if it is hot the oxygen levels fall and the animals will dry out. If the tide goes too far out there won’t be any water left for the animals unless it rains.
Conclusion I love rock pools because every time you look in one you will find something different. They are amazing to look at but to keep them alive you need to not litter on the beach and to not take the animals out of the rock pools!

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