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Sugar Skulls, Paper Flowers; Chasing Light, The Golden Hour
photo credit: Brandon Christopher Warren via photopin cc

Rainbow is beautiful butterflies, flowers and it shimmers in the sky,

rainbow is sprinkles, ice-cream and jellybeans.

Rainbow is a warming heart, a happy smile and very joyful,

rainbow is generosity, good luck and it will make your day.

Rainbow is my favourite colour because it joins all the colours togethers!

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5 card flicker!

Five Card Story: Where is that flower?

a Five Card Flickr story created by Emzy

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by Intrepidteacher

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by Serenae

flickr photo by katerha

I have finally arrived and I just want to find this very rare flower. Over the hills threw the palm tree’s. But suddenly I found myself in a burt forrest, all the tree’s are black! I see it.. the rare flower, I wonder why such a beautiful flower like that would be here? When I was coming home I felt home sick so I rang my mum to tell her my amazing jounney!

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Camp Quality!

We chose Camp Quality for our charity because we think it is so sad that children and families are getting sick and don’t get to have the lucky lives like what we have have! Camp Quality is great because they make everyone feel better by laughter so it makes them feel like they are normal. The reason why they want to make the children and families laugh is because they think is a good method to make the children not always feel so down. Those were the reasons why we chose Camp Quality and why you should support them to.

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Netball mania!

I see passionate throwing the ball, shooting golden goals and people cheering loudly. I hear supporters clapping, people eccouraging other and the whistle at the end of each quater. I smell the sweat, the grip of the Netball and the freashness of a new day. I feel the rough contact from the other Netballers and I know I will always love Netball!

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The Super Trawler, BTN!

The Super Trawler is a masive boat that catch fish, the nets can fit 13 Jumbo Jet Planes…WOW! The boat is from Tasmainia and it is coming around to Sydney. I completely disagree with this issue because it catching way too many fish and aswell it has axcetentley got marine life in the nets too.I wonder where it will go next? How many fish can they get at once? And can it go in other sea’s. When I heard about this I felt like there should be a stop to this at once! I can relate to this because dad and I always go fishing but if all the fish will be gone if the Super Trawler takes all the fish!

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